1) Where Do I Find the OCI Application Form?

The OCI Application Form is available only online at:


Click OCI Application for more information on steps to complete and file your application.


NOTE: if you previously held an Indian Passport or Indian Citizenship, you will need to complete the Renunciation of your Indian Citizenship (if you have not already done so).

2) What are the Instructions to Fill Out the OCI Application?

In general, the Application asks about your name, contact information, nationality, and passport information.


Click Sample Part A and Part B to see an overview of the online registration process for the OCI Application.

3) What Documents are Needed to Apply for the OCI card?

In addition to the OCI Application, you need supporting documents to apply.


Click Checklist for a sample list of documents to gather to help with your OCI Application.

4) What do I need to do to Renounce or Surrender my Indian Citizenship?

In order to apply for the OCI card ,you need to renounce your Indian Citizenship, if you have not already done so.


Click Renunciation for a sample Renunciation Certificate, Affidavit of Loss, and Surrender Certificate.

5) Where do I Submit my Completed OCI Application?

After you have completed your OCI Application form online and have printed out the application, you will file your OCI application with your local Indian Mission / Embassy / Consulate.


Click Where to File to find your local Indian Mission.

6) Do I need to Re-Issue my OCI card when I get a New Passport?

Re-Issuance of an OCI depends upon your age:


  1. 1) For an applicant who is 20 years of age or younger, OCI documents must be re-issued each time a new passport is issued.


  1. 2) For an applicant who is 50 years of age or older, OCI documents must be re-issued once after the issuance of a new passport. NOTE: If you originally obtained your OCI when you were already over 50 years of age, you do not need to apply for a re-issuance of an OCI.
  1. 3) For an applicant who is 21 to 49 years of age, there is no need to re-issue OCI documents each time a new passport is issued. However, if the applicant desires, he / she can request that the OCI documents be re-issued so that the OCI documents reflect the correct passport number.
7) What is the Difference Betwen the PIO and OCI?

There are several differences between PIO and OCI status.


Click Chart to see an overview provided by the Ministry of Affairs in India.


Click More Info for an overview provided by

8) What do I do if I don't have any Proof of Indian Origin but I, My Parent or My Grandparent were Indian Citizens?

If you (or your parent or grandparent on which you are relying) do not have your birth certificate or Indian Passport to show proof of past Indian Citizenship / Indian origin, the decision of whether to accept an alternative type of document as proof of your Indian citizenship will be made by the Consular Officer and will be final in such cases.


Click Indian Origin for more information on alternative documents.

9) How do I upload the right size for my image and signature file?

The size limit on the image / signature file is very restrictive. If having trouble with the size, here are some tips:


  1. 1) Open the scanned image / signature in MS Paint.


  1. 2) Click on re-size option within MS Paint. Click on pixel radio button.
  1. 3) For the image, change the pixel size to 360 X 360. For the signature, change the pixel size to 300 X 900.
  1. 4) Save the image / signature. If it is above 30KB then open MS Paint, insert picture-> then click on compress -> it will reduce the picture size by maintaining the pixel ratio.